Tech Sector Joins Fight Against Trump’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The divide between the White House and the US’s tech industry continues to grow. Silicon Valley powerhouses, Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, and have joined many other tech companies which are supporting a friend-of-the-court brief opposing Trump’s withdrawal of transgender rights legislation put in place by Obama. The original legislation was put in place to protect transgender students, and ensured these students could use bathrooms at school consistent with their personal gender identity.

Tech companies are backing the case put forth by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is asking the US Supreme Court to uphold Obama’s legislation. Many of these companies have been quoted stating their major concern is that rescinding this law may put transgender students at risk in both their schools and greater communities.


“Everyone deserves a chance to thrive in an environment free from stigma and discrimination.” -Quote from Apple Statement

This brief is just another battle between the tech industry and Trump’s administration. The rift between these two parties has grown increasingly since President Trump was voted into office. It seems that Human Rights has been at the center of the conflict, as tech companies have also taken a large stand against Trump’s new immigration policy, attempting to ban immigrants from seven major Muslim nations.



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